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A school is much more than what you see, it’s really the experiences of its students, families and staff what makes a great school. Your experience at Montessori Institute of Broward is what really counts.

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“What a blessing MIB has been for myself and my child. When searching for a safe, nurturing place for my child to attend while I was at work I was surprised at how unimpressed I was with most of what I saw. That is, until I came to MIB.

Intuitively, I knew I wanted a place that celebrated my child as an individual while guiding him in a positive direction toward young adulthood. A place that took into consideration the whole child; body, mind and spirit. So many places I toured were trying to “cookie cutter” the kids into their ideal of “right.” That is, again, until I came to MIB.

I’ve found over the course of the last year that my son is on a path of lifelong learning in large part because of the encouragement he received from his teachers at MIB. He has the confidence to try new things on his own and the patience to see them through. He displays compassion, and an earnest desire to help younger children because peer education is such an important part of the Montessori philosophy.
MIB is a wonderful place to send your children if you want them to develop a true sense of self. It is a place where they will be exposed to math, science, literature and the arts in such interesting and appealing ways that they won’t even realize they are learning. It is a place that cultivates community and celebrates the interconnectedness of it all.

For me, MIB has been a blessing and I gladly share a good word whenever I can.” Agatha Del Pozo

“We are absolutely in LOVE with MIB!!!!!

When our son was three and a half we started our search for the “perfect school” after many many visits to different places we found MIB.
Our experience here has been beyond wonderful. We feel as if we are family, yet our son is learning academically as well as getting a whole education meaning life principles as “community”, respect to others. He is growing as an individual….not just learning.

Thank you MIB and we look forward to many more years, and our three sons attending soon!” Maria & Andrew Claridge

“I made the decision to change my son from schools a year an a half ago. It was recommended by an Occupational Therapist, since my son was having some difficulties with movement, anxiety and attention at his previous school. After attending the school for only 2 months, my son was already a different boy. The Montessori Environment has helped him with his desire to move around the classroom and work in a calm, peaceful manner. It has helped to build his attention spam with activities and lessons, but most importantly it has helped him learn social skills and discipline. I never thought I would hear him ask: “Mommy I want to go to school, when is Monday coming up?” He has built a strong community relationship with his peers and teachers and he truly enjoys the freedom of choosing the lessons he will work with as he progresses with the classroom material. I specially have appreciated working side to side with all his teachers to help learn alternatives in coping with my son’s learning difficulties. I have also enjoyed working with Miss Graciela in learning more about the Montessori philosophy and how I, as a parent, can help my son reach his highest potential by following the same approach and philosophy at home.” Cecilia Palacios-Chuang

“Thank you so much for all the love and care you have given to our Brook. You made MIB Brook’s second home. We brought you a shy quiet two year old and you gave us a confident, smart and happy four year old.

Thank you is not enough. Love” Dave, Hager & Brooke Simmons

“MIB has been a great place to grow, not only for my child, but also for me, as a parent and as a member of the MIB community. MIB has provided me with great opportunities to learn about the Montessori philosophy and also to reexamine my own approach to parenting. It has been a catalyst in the great discoveries my son has made, not only academically but socially, since starting MIB two and half years ago. The staff at MIB has always been available and willing to provide guidance in how to best assist my son with his learning experience. For example, when the time came for him to transition from one class to the other, he had a difficult time adjusting to the change. It was comforting to see the teachers encouraging him, without pressure, as he transitioned into his new class. Time and again, the staff at MIB explained some of the dynamics that may have been taking place, reiterating the importance of giving our son the time he needed to accept the change, but keeping in mind an alternate plan in the event that he simply was not ready for the change. It was very reassuring to hear from parents in my son’s new class and find out about their experience with the transitioning of their own children. In the end, my son made a successful transition to his new class, developed new friendships and great appreciation for his new teacher, reminisces about the days when he was in the classroom “for the little ones” and looks forward with excitement to experiencing some of what is yet to come.

Thanks again!” Maria Eugenia

“Our two daughters four and two years old are at MIB. We cannot be more happy with the holistic grow that we see in our children, but over all, they really love to go to MIB every single day. You can easily see how the faculty really love and care about the kids and their concern to provide a solid base for their future, teaching the necessary aspects to be complete and happy human beings. Continuous efforts to communicate and educate parents about Montessori philosophy really help us to understand and do our part at home. Changing very simple things we complement our children education and improve our relation.

Thanks to the entire faculty, especially the teachers at MIB, we cannot be happier to be part of the MIB community.” Alina, Ella, Monica & Andres Mosquera

“Watching my little boy walking up towards the car with his lunch bag on hand all by himself was the moment I realized how much of an impact MIB has made in my son’s life.

I love the sense of independence that they try to bestow on our children. In so many different little 3ways I have seen growth, maturity and creativity in my little 2 year old angel. That little personality is blooming and everyone at MIB is encouraging it; for this I will be eternally grateful to the MIB Teachers and Staff.

Nicolas Gabriel Bolano, Age 2″ Yairis Bolano-Rivera

“A year ago, we made the decision to send our 2 1/2 year old son to MIB because they had the part time schedule that we were looking for. At the time we were open minded but weren’t really sure about the Montessori philosophy and if we could “live it” at home, outside of MIB, but thought we’d give it a try. One year later we are so happy to have made the decision last year to join the MIB family. Our now 3 ½ year old son is thriving in the Montessori environment. He is so engaged and stimulated and aware of his independence! He is attending camp full time this summer at MIB and he loves it. We are looking forward to starting in Children’s House in August.” Jennifer Catozzo

“MIB has been nothing short of an amazing and life changing experience for my daughter Paris and I. We came down to South Florida while I completed my Masters degree at Nova, leaving all of our family and friends behind in Tampa, our home. MIB became our new family, embracing us and turning my little girl into a flowering young lady.

Thank you to all our family and friends at MIB, for everything you are giving us. We will never forget you!” Gina Marie Michaud

“Thank you so much for welcoming our family into your school. Cole has been so happy here I can feel and see that he feels comfortable, nurtured and loved. I have seen him grow in so many ways and we are so pleased. MIB is such a warm and loving environment and you should feel proud of your school.” Cindy, Paul and Cole Buchanan

“Thank You for all the help your school has been to us. We feel Anthony is right where he needs to be. The stability MIB’s classroom provides has been essential during the arrival of our baby boy Nethaniel. It is clear to me that MIB’s interest is the well-being of all its students. We feel lucky to be part of it.” Rodrigo, Stacy, Anthony & Nethaniel

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