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  • Received the Prestigious AMI Certification
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  • Proven Record of Success for Almost a Decade

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Montessori Institute of Broward

Bilingual Preschool for Broward & Dade Counties


Do you wish to enroll your child in a bilingual preschool where they develop superior educational skills, self-esteem, confidence and self-discipline? The Montessori Institute of Broward uses the educational philosophy developed by world-renowned Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori to create the perfect learning environment for young children. Such an environment stresses a great deal more than simply the acquisition of knowledge.

The Montessori philosophy is about learning through all five senses without utilizing punishment or reward as a method of motivating students. Instead, children are encouraged to pursue their own interests in an environment of intelligently guided freedom. This encourages their emerging intellectual curiosity instead of stifling it. Most importantly, it helps them develop a life-long love of learning during their early years.

A Supreme Dedication to the Perfect Education

The mission of the Montessori Institute of Broward is to provide a safe, creative, diverse and fun environment that enables your child to develop their intellectual, spiritual and physical selves.

Our campus consists of a 2.28 acre facility specifically designed to serve as the perfect learning environment for English and Spanish-speaking children ages 2 through 10.

Differences between Montessori schools and traditional education include:

  • Each child learns at his or her own pace and chooses individual activities.
  • Children are guided instead of instructed
  • Grades are not used to punish or reward
  • Children develop their own willpower and self-control
  • Instead of competitive learning, children learn from each other and inspire each other in engaging, interesting environments
  • Montessori-based learning is designed to be fun for the child
  • Children discover their unique talents at a young age and have a means of pursuing all of their interests
  • Students educated with Montessori's philosophy usually out-perform traditionally educated students

Your child will love going to school!

Do you wish to send your child to a school which utilizes the perfect environment to encourage their unique development into a young intellectual? Call us at (954) 466-5906 and treat your child to the educational experience of a lifetime!